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Root Canals in West Columbia, TX

Does the term “Root Canal” make you nervous? Don’t worry, with the gentle and experienced care at West Brazos Dental Center, root canals are a breeze.

Our caring and knowledgeable staff will help you relax and leave all those worries behind. We offer the very best in compassionate and complete dental care in a relaxed setting. One of our most common procedures is the root canal.

What Are Root Canals?

On the inside of your tooth is a little channel of blood vessels called the root canal. These channels flow down the center of your tooth and attach your tooth to your jaw bone.

Sometimes decay, damage or disease occur inside the root canal. The method used to fix these issues is also called a root canal. The procedure removes disease or decay from your root and from the inside of your mouth. It is a very common and simple form of treatment that has been used for many years.

Do I Have Root Canal Infections

Having an infection inside your tooth and/or root canal is a serious issue. The infection can spread to other teeth, cause tooth loss, and even sepsis. If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms, contact your trusted dentist in West Columbia, TX immediately:

Tooth Starts Turning Darker
New Sensitivity to Cold and Hot
Pain When Chewing
Pain When Any Pressure is Applied
Bumps Suddenly Appear Near Infected Tooth
Swelling Near the Tooth

Don’t wait, call the compassionate and experienced staff at West Columbia Dental Center if you are having any tooth pain. We will help relieve your pain and work to save your tooth from more damage or decay.

Root Canals Procedure – Step By Step Explanation

Many of our patients find that understanding their dental procedure helps them feel more comfortable and relaxed. At West Brazos Dental Center, our staff makes it a point to fully answer your questions and concerns while discussing your procedure with you.
To further ease your mind and keep you comfortable, we offer a variety of sedation options for root canals and other procedures. We also make it our priority to make sure you are fully comfortable before we begin any procedures. Here is the Step By Step Explanation of the Root Canal Procedure:

Before you schedule any procedure, the considerate team at West Brazos Dental Center discuss every treatment option with you. Your sedation choices will also be discussed. We use a patient-centered approach to dental care so you will always have a voice in your dental treatments.

Once you and your dentist have decided on a root canal treatment the staff will work with your schedule to bring you in for the procedure. We will start by making you comfortable and calm before we administer your chosen sedation option.

Before the procedure begins, the dentist will make sure the entire area is completely numb and ready for treatment.

Your trusted dentist in West Columbia, TX will gently prepare the area by isolating the diseased tooth with a dental dam. The dental dam is a piece of rubbery material that is placed around the infected tooth, separating it from the other teeth. This creates a safe and sterile environment for the diseased tooth.

Next, your compassionate and experienced dentist will create a tiny hole in the top of the tooth to provide access to the root canal.

The dentist will very carefully and gently remove dead and/or diseased pulp from the root canal area. Since this pulp is already decayed or dead, the removal process is painless.

Once all of the damaged pulp is removed, your dentist will carefully and thoroughly clean the canals with specialized antiseptic and antibacterial solutions.

Using specialized flexible tools, the canals are prepped to create a space for the fillings.

The tooth is then sealed with gutta-percha, a rubbery material that will prevent decay or disease.

Your dentist will now use a temporary or permanent filling to seal the hole used during the procedure.

To finish the procedure, our kind and experienced staff will precisely fit your tooth with a new permanent crown. The crown seals your tooth and protects it from future infections. It also helps create a stronger structure for your tooth.

The entire root canal procedure is quickly and carefully. In around a half hour to an hour, your tooth will be prepped, the dead pulp removed, the canals cleaned, filled and then sealed. The root canal treatment is so quick and easy that many of our patients are relaxed enough to fall asleep during the procedure.

Root Canal Infection Dangers

Getting treatment for a root canal infection is extremely important. If you leave the area alone, you could have serious health complications including:

Abscesses in Your Teeth
Heart Attack
Sepsis or Bacterial Infection in the Blood Stream

To stay healthy and safe, get your check-up today. the experienced and friendly staff at West Brazos Dental Center are here for you. We provide the gentle and dependable care you need. We’ll answer all of your questions and help ease your tooth pain. If you are having any tooth pain or dental issues, call us at 979-345-1023 today. We’ll bring a smile to your face every visit.